This site is dedicated to leading by example when it comes to helping people to understand how and where to spend their bitcoins. A simple sampling of what Bitcoin has to offer when it comes to using it as a decentralized, digital world currency.

I have been involved with Bitcoin since 2010 and have grown to understand many of the nuances that many people new to the Bitcoin world may not understand. I hope to share some of my knowledge with both the experienced and un-experienced bitcoiners around the world as my small contribution to the community.

For reference to my purchases and money use, I am a US citizen currently living in Europe earning dollars from a US company.

I am choosing not to provide my name, not because I spend my money on anything illegal, but because I would rather the focus be on the content and not on myself. Also to keep in the spirit of Bitcoin’s pseudonymous nature. While I am posting anonymously, it would be fairly easy to figure out who I am if you follow Bitcoin enough. I would just rather not make myself a soft target of anyone who might want to obtain my bitcoins using information from this blog (however that might be attempted).


Disclaimer: I follow all laws and legal requirements by all municipalities in which I spend my bitcoins.