Paying for bills in Europe

A convenient site for paying bills with bitcoins while in Europe is using BitWala ( I have used this site to pay my rent and I have also paid my many speeding tickets (speed cameras) with this site.

You sign up initially with an e-mail verification you can send up to 500 euros each month. The first time I tried to pay rent with it my rent was larger than 500 euros so fortunately I sent the first payment at the end of the month and I was able to send the rest on the first of the next month. Fortunately for me, the next month I was able to talk my landlord into taking bitcoins directly. I showed him how easy it was first by having him download the app and sending him 5 euros as a test. After seeing how easy it was I sent the rest of my rent and spent some time showing him some great places to spend bitcoins ( You can upgrade to 2000 euro per month if you verify with an address and utility bill.

The cost for the site is .5%.

I did run into some problems with paying my speeding tickets. I added my ticket number when I sent the transfer but I believe that since the SEPA transfer was not coming in my name they did not recognize it. They sent another ticket but the ticket has an e-mail address so I e-mailed a scan of the receipt and the time/date of the transfer. They were able to easily verify my transfer from there.

This is a very useful site as most bills in Europe can be paid via SEPA transfer. I had a friend who had to open a bank account just so he could pay one bill for his apartment. He could have just used BitWala and avoided the hassle of opening a bank account.

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