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As I mentioned before, I travel a lot. When I do I usually purchase my room through Expedia ( Expedia is like most large hotel search websites, you put in the dates of your trip and any other information and you get a list of hotels for those dates with prices. If you are outside the US you have to use as the foreign sites do not allow for Bitcoin payment. After you choose your room and go to reserve it there should be a Bitcoin option next to the Credit Card option. However some hotels that are small mom and pop hotels might not have that option. I am not sure of the exact criteria but it has something to do with the hotel accepting Expedia customers. I have only seen a few hotels without the Bitcoin option though. So I just went on to the next hotel in the area with a similar price.

When you get to the hotel they usually don’t ask for a credit card since you already paid through Expedia. Most hotels are quite happy with that. However I have had a hotel ask for a credit card so I gave them my Bitcoin debit card and that worked just fine. Nothing is charged to the card unless you buy something on the room.

I did have one hotel receptionist try to charge me on checkout once when I was in Nice. She said that she gets it all the time where people think they paid but they really only reserved the room with their credit card (which is true) but I was adamant that I had already paid via Expedia. She had to go through some files and finally found my reservation and verified that it had already been paid.

It’s also nice on your trip to know that you already paid for the hotel so you don’t have to worry about that expense while you’re there.

One time I did have to cancel my room which was a bit tricky because I stayed in the room one night, I had paid for four nights but checked out early. I had to call Expedia who then told me to contact CoinBase to get the transaction code which I then sent back to Expedia for the refund. A bit of a hassle but it worked out in the end. But I travel a lot so that was a very rare case.

I highly recommend Expedia for booking a hotel with bitcoins.

Another option which I have not yet tried (it is not very popular in Europe) is VRBO ( It’s like AirBnB but they accept bitcoin payments. If I can try it out some day I will and post an update.

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