A bit about me and why I am starting this blog

I am a software engineer who started getting involved with Bitcoin back in 2010 (a year after Satoshi created it). Before Bitcoin I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to use gold as a primary currency but every aspect of gold spending usually involved paying a company to secure your gold for you and charged a hefty monthly fee and exchange fee whenever you used their card. In the end it did not seem very practical so I just speculated and bought/sold gold for a short period of time.

When Bitcoin came around I realized that this was the solution that I had been looking for. A currency that was not constantly losing value, not controlled by the whims of a centralized organization and easy to transfer around the world. But of course, in 2010 it was in its infancy so there were no places to spend bitcoins other than an online store selling alpaca socks.

After several years of just buying and holding bitcoins while exploring every new advance in bitcoin spending I was finally able to start spending my bitcoins on things that I actually would have otherwise been spending dollars on anyway. As I was able to replace one or two of my regular purchases with bitcoin purchases I started to explore every aspect of what I spend my money on and try to figure out how to do the same with bitcoins. It turns out, there are many ways to spend bitcoins on your regular day to day purchases and it is actually possible to cut the card and go full bitcoin.

Hopefully with this blog I can help others in their quest to replace more of their every day spending with bitcoin spending. Or at least give some insight into the possibility of living on bitcoin.

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